8-gram Weights

Ideal for Helium-Filled 18" Foil Balloons.

16-gram Weights

Ideal for two Helium-Filled 18" Foils  or one 11" Latex Balloon.

30/35-gram Weights

Ideal for two Helium-Filled Shaped Balloons, Bubbles, Orbz™ or two 11" Latex Balloons.

45-60-gram Weights

Ideal for Helium-Filled 26" to 28" Foils or 3 Latex Balloons.

80-gram Weights

Ideal for 30" Helium-Filled Foil or 4 Latex Balloons.

Add-To Weights

Add Water, Candy, Marbles etc. to reach desired weight needed!


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