“The Cool Aire® 4 allows for synchronous, mass inflation of a huge quantity of balloons as it has 4-nozzles to inflate at once. It makes our work easier and more pleasurable. We continue to work with Premium products because they are perfectly suited for professional balloon work.”

Natalya Shalneva - Balloon Professional

“Premium’s Twin-Air Sizer® works like a dream. I love the power for double and triple stuffed balloons without any problems. It is great to know that any balloon you go to inflate will inflate without any problems.”  

Sue Bowler, CBA

The Cool Aire® 4 is a great inflator!  It is lightweight and doesn’t get tired. Two people can each inflate 2-balloons each.  It is perfect for balloon drops, bulk balloons, 20,000 balloons and more. I love the unique button on the side to increase the pressure for smaller balloons. I also love the extra nozzles to block off the air if you are working by yourself.”

LaDonna Belcher, CBA - Time to Party

“We have been testing the Twin-Air Sizer®. It is great and doesn’t get hot and no static shocks. I love it.”  

Mike Harris, CBA - Balloon Décor

“It’s not just my opinion but other people in our Network that love the Twin-Air Sizer® for 5-inch balloons and other sizes of balloons. I really like the sizing, which is very accurate.”  

Joette Giardina, CBA, - Teacher and Balloon Professional