Protect from Airborne Pathogens with

the CodeBlue® Air Sterilizer


Help Protect Family, Employees, and Customers from Airborne Pathogens with the CodeBlue® Air Sterilizer

Researched and 

Tested at the 

Harvard School 

of Public Health


Made in the USA

Virus cells can remain suspended in the air for up to 6-hours.  

CodeBlue® Air Sterilizer is proven to reduce airborne germs and pathogens by 98.2%.

  • Independently tested by The Harvard School of Public Health and proven to kill 98.2% of airborne pathogens. 

  • Designed for your home, office and schools to create a protective “bubble” of germ free air where you need it most.

  • Ultraviolet “C” light targets airborne cells with laser like focus, rendering them harmless.

  • CodeBlue® was first developed in 2003 to combat airborne bioterrorism, SARS Co-V2, influenza and tuberculosis.

  • In one-hour it sterilizes 500 cubic feet of air.  The average person requires 15-cubic feet per hour.

  • Delivers a constant supply of sanitized air. 

  • 30-day trial period and 1-year warranty‭.‬


CodeBlue® has been Statistically Proven to Reduce Airborne Germs by 98.2% 

when processed through the device, which uses ultraviolet light.