8-gram Balloon Weights

Do not have the cookie-cutter effect that so many other balloon weights have on the market!

  • Big loops to easily attach ribbon too.

  • Great colors to match the balloons sold on the market today. 

  • Available in assorted primary, pastel or neon colors.

  • Assorted stars, hearts, bears and smile-face.

  • Ideal for helium-filled 18˝ foil balloons. 

After the Balloon/Additional uses.

  • Standard weights are a great addition for play dough projects to make great shapes and designs.

  • Also use them as necklaces, key-rings or just hanging decorations. 

Assorted Primary Item # DSB  A  24/100

Assorted Pastel Item # DSB  PT 24/100

Assorted Neon Item # DSB NE 24/100


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