16-gram Clip-N-Weight® II

Allows display of balloons in any retail store without special fixtures!

  • Use to clip multiple helium-filled balloons together for safe transport.

  • Available in assorted primary or pastel colors and diamond clear.

  • Ideal for helium-filled 22˝ to 26˝ foil balloons. 

  • Can be used after the life of the balloon. 

After the Balloon/Additional uses.

  • Clip-N-Weights® are designed to work as clips to help seal chip bags, cereal bags or frozen veggies!

  • Clothes Pegs, and keep Christmas/Party decorations in place all without damaging anything! 

Assorted Primary Item # CNW II 2-T 16G

Assorted Pastel Item # CNW II 2-T 16G PT

Clear Item # CNWII 16G Clear


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