Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

12˝ White Balloon Saddles

One Piece design requires no glue to attach the cup and stick which means fast assembly!

The White Balloon Saddle® is a one-piece balloon holder designed to hold 3˝ to 9˝ foil & latex balloons which provides better support than other one-piece balloon sticks.  The design holds balloons upright and improves their support.  The special design does not require the balloon to be knotted before it is attached to the stick.
The Balloon Saddle® features & benefits…
  • Child-Safe.
  • Keeps balloons upright and provides improved support.
  • No tying of balloon required before attaching to cup.
  • Save time and finger fatigue with simple, fast assembly.
  • 12” in length and available in white color.
  • 100 pieces per bag. Providing the best presentation and support for small latex and foil balloons from 3” to 9” foil and smaller latex balloons.