Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

Premium Magic Balloon Wand™

Makes all Balloons more MAGICAL with its Unique Design, and… It Eliminates the need for Helium!

Premium Balloon Accessories® introduces the NEW Magic Balloon Wand™ for air-filled foil and latex balloons.  Children prefer air-filled foil and latex balloons mounted on the Magic Balloon Wand over helium-filled balloons on ribbons and weights! The Magic Balloon Wand™ wiggles, wobbles and creates the magical excitement of helium-filled foil balloons while using air for balloon inflation as a cost-effective alternative. 
Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ features & benefits…
  • Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ makes ALL balloons more MAGICAL
  • Its Unique Design acts like a magnet to attract kids to foil and latex balloons
  • Sell more foil balloons with the Magic balloon Wand™
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to helium, due to its wiggle, wobble, and floating impression!
  • Comes in a convenient inner shipper that also serves as a Retail Display. Simply tear off the top using the perforations and fill it with all the contents of the 40-sets of the Magic Balloon Wand™.
  • Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ is available in matching solid colors per case of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, or Diamond Clear.