Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

Clear MaxiCup™ II & Maxi Stick™ II



For Large Latex and Large Air-Filled Foil Balloons!
Can also be used with Premium's MaxiBase™ II, Magnetic MaxiBase™, & MultiBase™

Premium’s greatly improved NEW MaxiCup™ II + MaxiStick™ II is a unique system for supporting large, air-filled latex or foil balloons. This includes our revised “Slot-N-Lock™” System which quickly locks all large foil balloons - 18˝ to 28˝ and latex up to 24˝- onto our large oval shaped cup. This provides unparalleled support for all air-filled foils and latex, while unitizing them to the MaxiCup™ II.  


MaxiCup™ II & MaxiStick™ II features & benefits…

  • Extra Large Oval-shaped Cup exclusively designed for maximum support of all shapes and sizes of large air-filled balloons.
  • Premium’s revised “Slot-N-Lock™” System provides for quick and easy assembly while providing the most secure attachment of the balloon to the cup ever!
  • The 20˝ MaxiCup™ II is sold with a very special, extra thick high-impact Clear MaxiStick™ II for a designer quality look and maximum support.
  • Balloon Stick Diameter 0.31˝ (0.79cm)
  • Specially designed stem includes locking ribs to provide better, tighter fit between the MaxiCup™ II and the extra heavy MaxiStick™ II.
  • The MaxiCup™ II is the largest foil balloon holder currently available and comes in clear to not detract from the design of balloon.
  • Allows foils to be displayed at retail filled with air versus helium offering a huge savings while eliminating the need to refill helium when it leaks out.