Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

Premium HeliAire® Kit

Gives balloons the look of helium with air!

Premium Balloon Accessories® has developed the NEW Premium HeliAire Kit™, consisting of the NEW Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ and Mini Cool Aire® “Dual Pro™” Inflator.  The use of the
“Dual Pro™” inflates foils with cooler air and lower pressure to protect self-sealing valves, and also to inflate latex balloons with high speed higher pressure for fast inflation.
This Kit is Great Value!
The Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ is for air-filled latex and foil balloons and is a cost-effective alternative to expensive helium-filled balloons.  You now have the option to have the magical look of a helium-filled foil balloon by inflating your balloons with cool air while using the Premium Magic Balloon Wand™!
The NEW Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro™ was designed to automatically provide lower pressure and dramatically COOLER AIR for foil balloons to keep them full AND also provide high pressure, high volume inflation for latex balloons. This system provides the best, cost-effective alternative to helium-filled balloons.
Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ makes ALL balloons more MAGICAL with the cool look as well as the wiggle, wobble and floating impression!
  • Designed for use with latex and foil balloons.
  • Comes in a convenient inner shipper that also serves as a Retail Display.  Simply tear off the top using the perforations, and fill it with all the contents of 40-sets of the Magic Balloon Wand™.
  • Premium Magic Balloon Wand™ is available in matching solid colors per case of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, or Diamond Clear.