Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories


Premium’s NEW MultiBase™ Retail System is a unique way to support large air-filled foil balloons at retail and is totally Helium-Free!  The New System is made up of the New MaxiCup™ II with large oval-shaped cup, 20˝ MaxiStick™ II & MaxiBase™ II with the New MultiBase™, Permanent MultiTape™, and Non-Permanent Gel Tabs™.  Display Air-Filled foil balloons anywhere in the store without Helium.  No need to refill balloons to keep fresh… No tangled ribbons… Keep balloons at eye level for impulse purchase!
Premium’s NEW MultiBase™ Centerpiece Display System is a great way of combining air-filled Latex and Foil Balloons. Perfect for any event! The MultiBase™ can be used with 16˝ Sparkler™ Balloon Sticks and Mini Bases to complement the balloons. And for larger foil balloons use PBA’s New MaxiCup™ II, 20˝ MaxiStick™ II, MaxiBase™ II, MultiTape™, and Gel Tab™.

MultiBase features & benefits…
  • The MultiBase™ is lightweight and weighs about 30-grams for low cost shipping yet when filled with colored water (as shown above), the weight increases to over 625 grams to hold down any air-filled balloon display!
  • Arrangements can be quickly assembled anywhere and then easily transported to the event!