Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

MaxiBase™ II

MaxiBase II used with MaxiCup II, MaxiStick II, MultiBase, & MultiTape or Gel Tabs
The MaxiBase™ II is used to either adhere MaxiCup™ II and MaxiStick™ II to any surface using either MultiTape™ or Gel Tabs™. It can also be used to adhere these accessories to the MultiBase™!

MaxiBase II features & benefits…
  • Balloon Stick Diameter 0.31˝ (0.79cm)
  • Premium’s greatly improved MaxiCup™ II + MaxiStick™ II with the new MaxiBase™ II is a unique system to support large, air-filled foil  balloons at retail.
  • The MaxiBase™ II attaches to just about any surface and allows foil balloons to be displayed at retail - filled with air vs. helium. This offers a huge savings while eliminating the need to refill helium when it leaks out. It also works well when adhered to the MultiBase™ for displaying air-filled balloons.