Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories


In addition to the standard balloon accessories that Premium Balloon Accessories® makes for the balloon industry, there are many miscellaneous items we make to improve the efficiency of balloon professionals.
These items include:
  • Helium Alternatives
  • MultiBase™
  • MaxiBase II
  • Magnetic MaxiBase
  • Micro Base
  • Mini Base
  • Maxi Base
  • Premium Candy Connector®
  • SafeTite® II Sealing Disc
  • Pre-Coiled White Satin Ribbons
  • Premium Balloon Seal®
  • Premium HeliAire® Kit
  • MultiTape™
  • GelTabs™
  • Double-Side Tapes
  • Balloon Ribbon Weight® Display
  • 20-gram Super Lightweight Inserts™
  • 45-gram Lightweight Inserts™
  • Bubblloons

The innovative products never stop coming for whatever needs there are in the balloon business.
Premium is always “On the Leading Edge” of technology and innovation with new products.




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