Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

85-gram Decorators Star

Ideal anchor for helium-filled Jumbo Foils and Bouquets of Balloons!
Premium Balloon Accessories® offers the 85-gram Heavy Weight™ for larger, shaped balloons. These weights are available in primary yellow, red and blue stars. These weights are designed to hold down latex and foil bouquets. They have a detachable strap on the back that can be used when anchoring large bouquets as the added strap gives another option for easily tying ribbons to.

85-gram Decorators Star features & benefits…
  • Large loop for easy tying of ribbons.
  • 3-Dimensional, raised quality look, which eliminates the cookie-cutter look of many weights on the market.
  • Sharp colors to compliment all types of balloons.
  • Assorted primary red, blue and yellow colors.  
  • Popular Star designs with strap for bouquets.
  • Heavy Weights™ are are designed to hold down latex and foil bouquets.
  • Great for hanging on displays.
  • May be used as a toy for small children after the life of the balloon.
  • Re-usable