Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

85-gram Clip-N-Heavy Weight™

The all-in-one Heavy Weight with built-in Clip for easy attachment ANYWHERE plus adjustable Ribbon Spool & Tape Tab to eliminate tying of ribbons!
Unique “Balloon Weight Merchandising System” for any size, helium-filled foil balloons in retail stores. Premium's most versatile 85-gram balloon weight. It is quick and simple: “Stick, the Tape Tab™ to the balloon, Fill with helium, and clip the balloon ANYWHERE IN THE STORE!

85-gram Clip-N-Heavy Weight™ features & benefits…

  • Extra Heavy Smile Face Heavy Weight™ is designed to hold down ALL sizes of helium-filled, foil balloons.
  • The Clip-N-Heavy Weight™ clip feature allows merchandising without expensive retail displays.
  • Attached spool of ribbon has 6’ of white satin ribbon and can be adjusted to let out as much or as little ribbon needed to display balloon at any retail elevation.
  • Special “locking ribbon spool” keeps balloon at desired merchandising height.
  • Easily secure the ribbon to the balloon without tying, using Premium’s Tape Tab™
  • Extra heavy total weight provides a “One Size Fits All”, by reducing balloon weight inventories since this system holds down any size and type of foil balloon.
  • Reduces in-store labor by eliminating the need to tie ribbons to balloons and weights.
  • Designed to increase grocery store and mass merchant margins by reducing in-store labor costs to merchandise and display balloons.
  • Child-safe!
  • Available in assorted primary red, yellow and blue.