Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

30-gram Clip-N-Spool™

with Adjustable, Locking Ribbon Spool for Retail Display of Foil Balloons at Any Desired Height!
Premium introduces the NEW, 30-gram Clip-N-Spool® weight complete with adjustable spool of PreCoiled Ribbon + TapeTab™.  Adjust to release as much ribbon to display balloon at any height for retail sales or parties.
The 30-gram Clip-N-Spool features and benefits:
  • Comes with our ‘Patent Pending’ adjustable, locking ribbon spool with 5-feet of white satin ribbon + Premium’s TapeTab™.
  • Adjustable ribbon length to allow the display of foil balloon at any height.
  • TapeTab™ allows fast, secure adhesion to foil balloons WITHOUT tying.
  • Attaches anywhere to display balloons without special costly displays.
  • Magical, translucent colors include Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Diamond Clear.
  • Clip-N-Spool 30-gram weight holds down one 26˝ to 28˝ Fil BAlloon and Bubbles™.
  • White satin ribbon accentuates balloons.
  • Reduces in-store labor by eliminating tying to balloons, weights and displays.
  • 25-pieces with 10-bags per case.