Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

10 to 11-gram Balloon Weights

Ideal for one helium-filled 18˝ foil balloon!
Premium Balloon Accessories® first balloon weight design, the 10 to 11-gram balloon weight, is one of the most popular weights.  It features a large loop for attaching ribbons and the 3-Dimensional raised effect provides for a quality look as opposed to other weights that have a cookie-cutter look.  The three designs have proved favorites with everyone. Also, after the life of the balloon the weights can still be used as a Necklace, Bracelet, or even a Toy for small children.

10 to 11-gram Balloon Weights features & benefits…
  • Large loop for easy tying of ribbons. 
  • 3-Dimensional, raised quality look, which eliminates the cookie-cutter look of many weights on the market.
  • Sharp colors to compliment all types of balloons.
  • Assorted primary red, blue and yellow colors; assorted pastel pink, turquoise and yellow.
  • Three popular designs, Hearts, Smile Faces, and Stars.
  • 10 to 11-gram weights excellent for holding down one 18˝ helium-filled Foil Balloon.     
  • Great for hanging on displays.
  • May be used as a toy for small children after the life of the balloon.
  • Re-usable.