Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

16-gram Clip-N-Weight® w/without Ribbon & Tape Tab™

The most versatile balloon weight on the market today!
Premium Balloon Accessories® most versatile 16-gram Clip-N-Weight® that is also available with White Satin Pre-Coiled Ribbon and Tape Tab™.
The innovative Clip-N-Weight® is fantastic for anchoring 11˝ helium-filled latex balloons or 24˝ to 26˝ helium-filled foil balloons to almost anything.  Clip-N-Weights are available with a spool of ribbon attached along with tape tab for convenient, complete assembly of ribbon, weight to balloon. This is most convenient during transport of balloon in car since the ribbon can be extended after final destination is reached.  
Whether the balloon is attached to a person or an object you can be sure that the balloon is more likely to stay in place and not float away using the Clip-N-Weight®.
The Clip-N-Weight® have just the right "Pressured Grip" to keep balloons secured and will not damage clothing or other items they have been attached to. An aesthetically cool idea that has marketing values far beyond any weight on the market today!

16-gram Clip-N-Weight® features & benefits…
  • Child-safe!
  • Simple to use!
  • Anchor one helium-filled 11˝  Latex or one 22˝ to 24˝ Foil balloon just about anywhere!
  • Optional Clip-n-Weight® with ribbon has 5-feet of ribbon on spool w/tape tab for convenient complete balloon assembly.
  • Safe transport of balloon attached to weight since spool of ribbon can be extended at final destination.
  • Helps market balloons to the fullest!
  • Just the right grip to be firm but will not damage clothes or other items.
  • Perfect for merchandising in retail stores since it can be clipped anywhere!
  • Great uses to close bags or clip items after use of life of balloon.
  • Available in assorted primary or pastel and assorted primary and pastel combined.