Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

30-gram Walker Weight®

It jumps… It hops… and wobbles!
Premium Balloon Accessories® introduces the NEW Walker Weight® that will help INCREASE BALLOON SALES.  Kids love them and can’t leave them alone. The Walker Weight® makes ALL Helium-Filled balloons unique and Special with the Cool “Corkscrew” look. It Jumps, Hops, Wobbles and Floats across the floor when attached to helium-filled balloons!  

Walker Weight® features & benefits…
  • Exciting, NEW colors include Translucent Emerald Green, Hot Pink, Sapphire Blue or Crystal Clear!
  • Our 30-Gram weight is designed to hold down helium-filled foil shapes, All Bubbles®, and two, 11˝ helium-filled latex balloons.
  • The unique, “Cool Corkscrew” look attracts attention and adds value to the helium-filled balloons.
  • Decorate the Walker Weight® with curling ribbon or special items for any special occasion.
  • Kids Love them and use them long after the life of balloon.