Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

30-gram Clip-N-Weight®

Perfect for Larger Helium-Filled Shapes and Bubbles™
Premium’s NEW 30-gram Clip-N-Weight® has been designed to hold down larger helium-filled foils and
ALL sizes of Bubbles™.
NEW 30-gram Clip-N-Weight® features and benefits:
  • ‘Diamond Clear’ high-impact plastic gives the 30-gram Clip-N-Weight® a very upscale look.
  • Easily allows display of balloons around any retail store without special fixtures.
  • Keeps the focus on the balloon because it BLENDS in to any background!
  • Holds down all sizes of Bubbles™.
  • Keeps Bubbles™ and foils from floating away.
  • Can be clipped to children’s clothing without damaging the fabric.
  • Can be used to clip multiple helium-filled balloons together for safe transport.
  • Can be used for sealing snack bags after the life of the balloon.