Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

8-gram Speed Clip® II


Save considerable time, labor and expense!
The "Ribbon Plug Design" allows the ribbon to be attached to the weight quickly and securely without any need for tying.    

The designs include Hearts, Smile Faces, Bears and Stars and are available in assorted primary and pastel colors to compliment your balloon choices.
Speed Clip® II features and benefits…
  • Saves labor by eliminating the tying of the ribbon!
  • Non-slip grip. (Ribbon will not slip through plug's grip).
  • Re-useable!
  • Easily snaps together.
  • 8-gram weights are excellent for holding down 18" helium-filled foil balloons.
  • Popular "3-dimensional" designs. Hearts, Smile Faces, Bears and Stars.
  • 3-Dimensional, raised quality look, eliminates the cookie-cutter look of many weights on the market. 
  • Sharp colors to compliment all types of balloons.
  • Assorted primary red, blue and yellow colors as well as assorted pastel pink, turquoise and yellow colors.