Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

8-gram Premium Ribbon Weight®

All-in-one balloon merchandising system!
This complete helium-filled Foil Balloon Weight System is everything you will need to keep your 18˝ to 28˝ foil balloons down on the ground. No tying of weight to ribbon as ribbon is already wound around weight. Each Ribbon Weight® comes complete with weight, 5´ feet of white satin ribbon and TapeTab™ with special adhesive designed for foil balloons.

Premium Ribbon Weight®  features & benefits…
  • Easily attaches to balloon neck with strong adhesive tab.
  • NO TYING NECESSARY, the ribbon is already wound round weight.
  • Transporting balloons is easy as ribbon remains wound until TAB is "CLICKED" or "SNAPPED" from weight.
  • Safe to transport and no tangled balloons!
  • Special cavity in the back is designed to accept one of our inserts to increase total weight
  • 20-gram Super Lightweight Inserts™.
  • 45-gram Lightweight Inserts™.
  • Without Premium Inserts™ ideal for 18˝ helium-filled foil Balloons. With Premium Inserts™ ideal for all foils up to 28˝ Shapes!
  • Yellow Smile-Face or Red Hearts.
  • Lightweight Inserts™ and Super Light Weight Inserts™.

For some larger 28” foil shapes and all larger foils, use Premium’s Clip-N-Heavy™ Weight!

Add Premium's Inserts™ to Ribbon Weights® to hold down all sizes of foil balloons up to 28" Shapes.

  • Super Lightweight Inserts™, 20-gram, designed for 22" foils.
  • Lightweight Inserts™, 45-gram, our most popular version for larger foil shapes.
  • Available separately in white or yellow for use with ribbon weights. 

Ribbon Weight® Display
This versatile display has a universal "dual clamp" system to attach anywhere and holds a minimum of eight (8) inflated foils balloons.

  • Top Spinner is detachable to easily transfer and re-fill all 8 balloons.
  • Comes with "Retail Display Cards!"
  • Quality construction!
  • Used with Ribbon Weights®.