Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

8-gram Assorted 3-D Red, White & Blue Stars

Be patriotic!
Add Patriotism to helium-filled foil balloons with Premium’s NEW, “ALL-AMERICAN”, Red, White and Blue, STAR, 8-gram weights. These new 8-gram weights feature a large loop for attaching ribbons to the weights.  It also has the 3-dimensional, raised, quality look which adds value.

8-Gram 3-D Assorted Balloon Weights - Red, White & Blue Stars features & benefits…
  • Patriotic, fun weight that adds value to the Helium filled foil balloon.
  • Large loop for easy tying of ribbon.
  • Raised 3-Dimensional, High-Quality weight.
  • Eliminates the flat, unattractive, “Cookie-Cutter” weights.
  • Sharp, red, white and blue colors which complements all types of balloons.
  • 8-gram weights are excellent for holding down 18˝, helium-filled foil balloons.
  • Made from Prime Virgin resins and Non-Toxic, Child-Safe colorants.
  • Re-usable.