Premium Balloon Accessories
Premium Balloon Accessories

8-gram Balloon Weights

Premium Balloon Accessories® has the most Complete Line of Balloon Weights available on the market. It continually innovates and produces new and improved weights to hold down all helium-filled, foil and latex balloons.

Child-Safe 8-gram weights hold down helium-filled 18” foil balloons.
  • 8-gram Clip-N-Weight® II
  • 8-gram Earth Weights™
  • 8-gram Speed Clip® II
  • 8-gram Assorted 3-D Fashion Weights
  • 8-Gram 3-D Assorted Balloon Weights
  • 8-gram Heart Shaped Weights
  • 8-Gram 3-D Assorted Balloon Weights - Red, White & Blue Stars 
  • 8-gram Clip-N-Weight®
  • Premium Ribbon Weight®

Ribbon Weight® Accessories

  • Balloon Ribbon Weight® Display
  • 20-gram Super Lightweight Inserts™
  • 45-gram Lightweight Inserts™
The weights never stop coming with new designs, new colors and new methods to hold down whatever balloons are developed in the industry.

Premium Balloon Accessories® is always “On the Leading Edge” of technology and innovation with new products.



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