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'Yup I'm a Boy'

An air filled design for delivery or decoration of present or cake table


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Duel Pro Inflator



PBA Ingredients:
Additional Ingredients
  • 1 x 18” Qualatex baby foil
  • 2 x 5”Qualatex pale blue
  • 2 x 160 blue
  • 1 x 160 white
  • 4 x 260 blush
  • Balloon Stik-ems
  • basket small
  • cool glue
  • 1 x blush pompom small
  • small square oasis/polystyrene


Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Take a piece of dry oasis or polystyrene just big enough to fit into the basket, and hold itself in place. Then place 80-gram Lite Heavy Weights each side of it.
    Step 2
    Wind a length of curling ribbon around a Maxi stick, using cool glue to stick the ribbon at the top and bottom of the Maxi stick. Repeat with the other 3 Maxi sticks.
    Step 3
    Push the four heli sticks into the oasis one at each corner, all at same height
    Step 4
    Inflate the 18” foil balloon with air, using a Mini Cool Aire® Dual Pro, on speed 1, and tie off the neck, and add a bow. Hold the foil between the four sticks, so it sits evenly.
    Step 5
    Using wide cello tape, attach each stick to the foil balloon, covering top of stick and foil balloon. Make sure the foil balloon is sitting straight.
    Step 6
    Make four small bowtie bows and attach to the top of each stick with a glue dot.
    Step 7
    Place some tulle over the dry oasis to hide the mechanic. We have used a pick machine to make it easier to cover the oasis, but you can use any method you prefer. Your Hot Air balloon design is now complete, a gift could be added to the basket, but to finish of we are going to make a small balloon baby.
    Step 8
    Make two apple twists sizing them to 3.5”, and make them with tying point at both ends. Tie them together to form the body.
    Step 9
    Inflate the 5” blush to 4.5” and tie into the top of the apple twist.
    Step 10
    Inflate a white 160 and make a small string of pearls about 5/6 bubbles. Tie around the bottom of the head, to make collar.
    Step 11
    Inflate a 260 to about 6”, make a small tulip twist, at the knot end.
    Step 12
    Measure two fingers width and then make a small pinch twist for elbow.
    Step 13
    Measure another two fingers width and then finish off with one small pinch twist for his arms, (and two pinch twists for his feet). Then release the air and tie off the 260
    Step 14
    Repeat these steps 11 to13 three more times to make one more arm and two legs
    Step 15
    Add the arms and legs to the body using glue dots at the tulip twist end. Then tie the two hands together, and cut off the un-inflated portion of 260 from both the arms and legs. 
    Step 16
    Add the googly eyes and pompom for the nose to the head, we have also added the 
    handle from a plastic dummy. Then add a small curl of yellow ribbon to the top of the head as hair. 
    Step 17
    Tie the surplus of the 160 from the bottom apple twist (the body) to a floral wire, then  bend the wire into a hair pin shape so the apple twist is sitting on the bend of the wire. 

Tips and Additional Instructions

Your design is now finished. To prolong your creation’s life, cover all the latex balloons with balloon shine.