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Wedding Wishes Gift

A simple design that is very versatile, and when wrapped in cellophane makes a lovely gift


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator



Additional Ingredients
  • 1 x 18” Northstar Mr and Mrs Heart foil
  • 4 x  6”  RedHearts Sempertex
  • 4 x  5"  Red  Sempertex
  • 1 x 260 Red Sempertex
  • 1 x 12" Red Sempertex
  • Red tulle
  • White tulle


Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate 2 of the 5” inch Red latex to 4.5", and make a duplet
    Step 2
    Repeat step 1, twist both duplets to make a cluster
    Step 3
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate 2 of the 6" Red Hearts, and make a duplet
    Step 4
    Repeat step 3, twist both duplets to make a cluster. Tie the two clusters together, using a neck from each cluster
    Step 5
    Stretch the neck of an 11” Redd balloon, and push in 60 - gram Lite Heavy Weight, (so getting the weight the same colour as your cluster). Tie the weight into the bottom cluster of the Red  balloons using the neck of one of the balloons from the cluster and the neck of the balloon covering the weight
    Step 6
    Using the Mini Cool Aire "DuelPro" on the Low Pressure Foil Inflatior ( that is when the large foil adapter is taken off the nozzle holder and put onto the inflation nozzle) inflate the heart foil
    Step 7
    Wrap the neck of the foil with a 260, and tie into the top white cluster of the base. 
    Step 8
    Make a 'Bow tie' bow using the white tulle,and then using a Multi Tape attach to the front of the balloon onto a heart
    Step 9
    Make another Bow tie Bow with Red tulle and attach with Multi tape to the top of the heart




Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a really simple design, and with a bit of imagination can be a very useful and profitable sale item for any balloon retailer.