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Clown Fun

Simple but fun design, great for a delivery or room decoration


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator

2 x 85-gram Heavy Weights™ Asst. Balloons, Flowers & GiftTag™

Additional Ingredients

  • 1 x 25" Anagram Clown Head Super Shape Mylar Foil Balloon Circus Carnival Party
  • 1 x 15" Anagram Orbz Celebrate Streamers
  • 1 x  Anagram Ful Red Decorator Panel
  • 4 x A50 Gemar Green
  • 2 x D6 Gemar Green balloon
  • 2 x D4 Gemar balloon( as attachment)
  • 1 x D2 Gemar Red Balloon
  • Balloon Tape
  • Helium
Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Open up the Red Decorator panel, and attach Ballon bond down one of the long edges of the panel

    Step 2
    Take the other long edge of the panel and attach to the Ballon bond, press all the way along the seam to make sure there is good conection

    Step 3
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate the Red panel. Remember to use the large foil adapter that switches the motor to Low Pressure Foil inflation

    Step 4
    Tie two uninflated D4 together

    Step 5
    Inflate the orbz, with air and tie the uninflated D4's to the neck

    Step 6
    Take the two 85-gram Heavy Weights and tie them to the other end of the D4's

    Step 7
    Drop the weight into the inflated panel and let the Orbz sit on the top of the panel

    Step 8
    Attach a Grip Tab to the top of the orb, on one side

    Step 9
    Attach another Grip Tab,on th other side, so both Grip Tabs are facing each other and touching

    Step 10
    Add a strip of sellotape over each of the Grip Tabs to reinforce

    Step 11
    Inflate two of the A50 Green balloons to 3.5", and tie together to make a duplet

    Step 12
    Repeat step 11 and make another duplet, then twist together to make a cluster

    Step 13
    Take the neck of one of the balloons of the cluster and push it through both holes on the Grip Tabs

    Step 14
    Then wrap the neck around the cluster in a figure of eight so the cluster sits on top of the orbz

    Step 15
    Inflate the Clown Head with Helium

    Step 16
    Tie the neck of the foil into the cluster, making sure the head sits properly on the cluster

    Step 17
    Using the Twist-N-Flate®  inflate the D6, leaving abour 4" at the end, and tie off

    Step 18
    About 10 " from the knot make a pinch twist, to make the elbow

    Step 19
    From the pinch twist leave about the same distance and make a loop twist, to make the hand

    Step 20
    Then finish of with another pinch twist, and get rid or any excess balloon

    Step 21
    Repeat steps 17 to 20 to make another arm, using the first arm as a template

    Step 22
    Tie the two D6 together by the necks, and slot under the cluster of A50 balloonspositioning the arms

    Step 23
    Inflate the red D2, and make a bow tie, make a loop twist

    Step 24
    Make another loop twist the same size, then a pinch twist for the middle

    Step 25
    Take the excess uninflated D2 and wrap around the cluster to attach the bowtie

Tips and Additional Instructions

This design is simple and quick, using very little Helium, and can be adapted for many different themed balloons