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Wedding Sparkle

An elegant centerpiece or delivery for a wedding


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Duel Pro Inflator

Additional Ingredients
  •  1 x Qualatex 18" Just Married Ivory and Gold
  •  1 x  10" (20cm) gold cake drum
  •  2 x  large Pink Tulle bows
  •  2 x  smal Pink Tulle bows
  • Fuchsia Diamond mesh for bows and edging
  • glue dots


Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Take a narrow strip of the Fuchsia Diamond mesh, and stick it around the edge of the cake drum
    Step 2
    Glue  the Maxi base ll to the middle of the board, using Multi tape
    Step 3
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" on the Low Pressure Foil inflation (that is when the large foil adapter is taken off the nozzle holder and put onto nozzle for inflation) inflate the heart foil
    Step 4
    Take a narrow strip of Fuchsia Diamond mesh, and wrap it all the way around the edge of the balloon using glue dots
    Step 5
    Twist the neck of the foil into the MaxiCup ll, make sure the foil sits straight
    Step 6
    Wrap a narrow strip of the Fuchsia Diamond mesh around the maxi stickll
    Step 7
    Attach the maxi cup ll to the top of the maxi stick ll
    Step 8
    Attach a large Pink tulle bow to the front of the maxicup ll, to hide mechanics
    Step 9
    Repeat with another bow at the back
    Step 10
    Place the maxi stick ll in the holder
    Step 11
    Attach the smaller Pink tulle bow to the base of the maxi stick and base ll, both front and back
    Step 12
    Make a bow tie bow from the Fuchsia Diamond mesh, and tie onto the tulle bow below the foil balloon
    Step 13
    Repeat step 12 and tie the bow the other side
    Step 14
    Make two smaller bows from the mesh, and stick to the front and back of the cake drum
    Step 15
    Add a small length of the mesh to the bottom tulle bow to finish the piece

Tips and Additional Instructions

A simple but elegant centrepiece for a wedding or engagment, just change the foil