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Number 1 with G-links

Create the number 1 quick and simply using G-links.


Equipment used:



  • 102 x G6 Rose G-links
  •  56 x A50 Lavender



Designer: Claudio Casagrande
Company: Gemar
Country: Italy
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Inflate a G6 Rose to 5.5"(14cm), using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator, and knot
    Inflate a second G6 Rose, size and tie to the first using a double tie knot
    Step 3
    Repeat step 2, until you have a row of 20 G-link balloons, then tie the two end ballons together to make a ring
    Step 4
    Repaet Steps 1 to 3 to make another ring
    Step 5
    Take the ring, and twist the first 4 balloons to make a square

    Step 6
    Repeat down the ring until you have 5 Squares
    Step 7
    Repeat  Step 5 to 6 with the other ring of G-link balloons
    Step 8
    Make another two rows of 12 G-link Rose balloons
    Step 9
    Repeat steps 5 and 6, and make two chains of 3 squares
    Step 10
    Make another two small row of 4 G-link Rose balloons
    Step 11
    Repeat step 5, and make two seperate squares
    Step 12
    Inflate a G6 Rose to 4"(10cm) and tie to a A50 Lavender sized to 2.5"( 6cm), inflate another A50 Lavender and tie to the other end of the G6 rose. You have now made a ' G-link connector'
    Step 13
    Make another 55 of these G-link connectors
    Step 14
    Inflate a single G6 Rose to 5.5"(14cm), and knot
    Step 15
    Tie this into the first square on the long chain of 5 squares,at a join between two balloons
    Step 16
    Take the single square and tie it to the balloon you have just added to the chain

    Step 17
    Tie the other corner of the square to the main chain, one and half squares down. When knotting into a chain, use a double wind knot as you did when tying single balloons to each other
    Step 18
    Attach, (by tieing with the neck and link part of a balloon around the knot) the chain of 3 squares to the bottom of the column, positioning it in the middle.You have a basic number 1
    Step 19
    Repeat steps 14 to18 to make another number 1
    Step 20
    Take a G-link connector and connect the two number 1, as one on top of the other. Push the Lavender A50 over the join of two balloons( to hide the knot) of one of the number 1's than do the same with the other number 1 with the other Lavender A50
    Step 21
    Repeat this step over all the knots, so joining the two number 1's together to make it 3 dimensional

Tips and Additional Instructions

Simple and quick to make self standing numbers or attach to hang down, using monofilament line