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Happy Birthday Stars

Fun centerpiece or delivery


Equipment used:

Premium Mini or Maxi Heat Sealer
Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator


Additional Ingredients
  • 1 x Qualatex 9" Happy Birthday Holographic Stars
  • 2 x Purple  4" stars
  • 2 x Purple bowtie bows
  • Purple curling ribbon
  • Sweets/candies
Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the
    Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator, inflate the 9" Birthday foil
    Step 2
    Hold the neck of the balloon with your finger and thumb, ensuring that no air leaks from the foil. Place in the
    Heat Sealer making sure the neck of the balloon is flat. Heat seal the balloon. Please note: For best results, the Heat Sealer's setting should be between 3 and 4
    Step 3

    Wrap the foil onto the cup
    Step 4

    Fill the Candy Bouquet Weight® with sweets or candy
    Step 5
    Stick a Mini Base to the top of the candy weight in the middle, using the Multitape
    Step 6
    Place the stick into the base
    Step 7
    Tie a Purple bow tie bow under the foil on one side of the stick
    Step 8
    Repeat step 7 on the other side of the stick
    Step 9
    Attach a Mini base to one side of the stick, using Multi tape
    Step 10
    Repeat step 9 with another base and place the other side
    Step 11
    Inflate the 4" star and heat seal
    Step 12
    Wrap the 4" onto a saddle stick
    Step 13
    Tie a small length of Purple curing ribbon to the base of the star
    Step 14
    Repeat steps11 to 13 with another 4" star balloon
    Take a twist stick and put into the mini base, cut off the stick just on the top of the minibase. You have created a smaller base so the saddle stick can sit correctly

    Step 16
    Measure the first saddle stick, against the stick containing the foil, cut off any excess stick so the 4" sits underneath the foil and bow
    Step 17
    Place the stick into the adjusted mini base.
    Step 18
    Repeat steps15 to 17, this time make the 4" star, sit lower than the first star
    Tie the
    small purple bow tie bow to the base of the stick, to the front of the design
    Step 20
    Tie a second bow behind the stick, so hidding the mechanics


Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a great delivery gift idea, or point of sale in a party shop