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Santa's Little Helpers

Fun decoration using the Multibase system


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator
Premium Twist-N-Flate

Additional Ingredients

  •  1 x 22” Qualatex Merry Elves Deco Bubble
  •  3 x 11” Qualatex Blush
  •  6 x 5"  Qualatex Blush
  • 18 x 5" Lime Green
  • 15 x 5" Qualatex Red
  • 12 x 160 Qualatex Red
  • 12 x 160 Qualatex Green
  • Red Tulle
  • 6 x Googlie eyes
  • 3 x Blush pompom
  • red and green swirl bow
  • Candies /sweets
Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate the 22"Deco Bubble
    Step 2
    Tie off the  Bubble with an uninflated 160
    Step 3
    Wrap the bubble into a Maxicupll with the excess 160, making sure it sits straight and tight
    Step 4
    Make a large double bowtie bow using the Red tulle and tie around the top of the Maxi Cup ll, hiding the mechanics
    Step 5
    Using a MutiTape stick the Maxi base ll to the top of the Multibase in the middle (remove the top of the multitape, place the Maxibase ll  over the tape, so it comes away attached to the multibasell and then place on the Maxi base, so no need to touch the multitape with fingers)
    Step 6
    Push a red twistix stick into the maxi stick II (you will have to use a small piece from another red twistix to get the complete length)
    Step 7
    Make a topiary using the 5" Lime Green and Red, sized to 3.5",  ensuring that all the red are on the top of the topiary    (the top red is missing in this topiary)
    Step 8
    Inflate the 11" Blush to about 9", to give a round head, tie this into the top of the topiary, where the missing red balloon should be
    Step 9
    Using a Premium Twist-N-Flate inflate a red 160, to about 12",and knot
    Step 10
    Make a pinch twist about half way, to create an elbow
    Step 11
    Inflate a 5" Blush to 3"and tie onto the end of the 160 Red
    Step 12
    Inflate a 160 Green, and make a small String of Pearls, tie this around the join between the Blush and Red 160, so creating a cuff
    Step 13
    Repeat Steps 9 to 12, to create another arm
    Step 14
    Tie the two arms together
    Step 15
    Using a Premium Twist-N-Flate inflate a red 160, to about 14",and knot
    Step 16
    Make a pinch twist about half way, to create a knee
    Step 17
    Inflate a 160 green to leave about 5" uninflated at the end,and knot
    Step 18
    To make the Pixi shoe, measure from the knot, 4 fingers (about 3") and make a pinch twist
    Step 19
    Fold the balloon back along itself, and twist into the knot, make a small Loop Twist to create the heel
    Step 20
    Take the remainder of the balloon back along the front part of the shoe and finish of by twisting into the pinch twist, remove excess balloon
    Step 21
    Repeat steps 17 to 20 to create another leg and shoe
    Step 22
    Tie the two legs together
    Step 23
    Push the legs into the bottom part of the topiary and wrap around, so locking in place
    Step 24
    Wrap the arms around the 11" blush and the topiary
    Step 25
    Using the MutiTape stick three  Maxi base ll equally spaced around the top of the Multibase, you will see the positions on the base
    Step 26
    Put the topiary Pixi onto a maxi stick ll and measure it against the bubble, so the pixi is sitting just below its neck
    Step 27
    Cut off the excess Maxi stick ll, put a red twistix into the maxi stickll, repeat this for the other two twistix
    Step 28
    Crate two more elf's in the same way, repeating steps 7 to 28 Place and elf in each of the maxibases
    Step 29
    Do the face of each elf, use a pom pom for nose and google eyes
    Step 30
    Using a 260 and 160 green make a curly hat for each elf, and stick to top of the head
    Step 31
    Stick the red and green swirl bow to the top of the multibase


Tips and Additional Instructions

Fun design, great for delivery or gift