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Fun Pumpkin Head

Ideal for centerpiece or table decoration over the Halloween period!


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator

PBA Ingredients:

Additional Ingredients

  • 10x 5” Purple Violet latex balloons
  • 7 x 5" Lime Green balloons
  • 10 x 260 Lime Green
  • 1 x  11"Orange balloon
  •  9 x 160 Orange balloons
  • 15 x 18guage floral wire
  • 1 x 22" Magical Jack bubble
  • floral tape
  • 8" Black Lomey dish
  • Purple tulle
  • small square dry oasis ( approximetly 4" square)


Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Inflate a 260 Lime Green to about 2", using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator, (remember to hold the 260 about halfway up and stretch it slightly so as to encourage the balloon to inflate straight) and tie a knot
    Step 2
    Repeat step 1 with the other 260 Lime Green
    Step 3
    Take a Maxi stick ll and place the other 3 maxi sticks ll so they are just about 1/2" above the middle stick and sit around it,  than hold all together by wrapping the 260 around the length of the sticks for more instructions on wrapping the maxi sticks see Wrapping with a 260
    Step 4
    Glue the maxi cup ll to the middle of the base
    Step 5
    Glue the oasis in place next to the Maxi Cup ll
    Step 6
    Push the uncovered piece of the Maxi Stickll into the Maxi Cup ll
    Step 7
    Using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator, Inflate two 5"Purple Violet balloons to 4" and tie into a duplet
    Step 8
    Repeat step 7 so you have two duplets
    Step 9
    Inflate one 5" Purple Violet, and tie into one of the duplets
    Step 10
    Twist the duplet and the cluster of three, together to give a cluster of 5
    Step 11
    Repeat step 7 to 10, sizing to 3" and make another cluster
    Step 12
    Tie the two clusters toghether (using a neck from each cluster, this gives you a tight little column)
    Step 11
    Wrap this little column around the top of the Maxi stick, making sure the large cluster is on top
    Inflate the Magical Jack bubble using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator
    Step 13
    Tie up the neck using a 160
    Step 14
    Place the bubble on top of the cluster
    Step 15
    Wrap the excess 160 around the clusters ,so the bubble sits tight
    Step 16
    Take 3 uninflated 160, and tie all three toghether by making a knot in the middle
    Step 17
    Inflate the 11" Orange to about 8", and knot in a 160
    Step 18
    Then make an apple twist
    Step 19
    Take the tied together 160's, and tie in to the top of the balloon with 160 which is attached to the apple twist
    Step 20
    Take opposite ends of the 160 and tie around the balloon tightly, with a knot at the bottom of the balloon
    Step 21
    Repeat this until all the ends of 160 have been tied
    Step 22
    Then make sure that the tied 160's are all equally apart, so giving a pumpkin like apperance
    Step 23
    Take a length of floral wire and bend each end to a small loop
    Step 24
    Then push the floral wire into  260 Lime green, stretching the balloon to the end of the wire and then knot
    Step 25
    Wrap the wire around a round dowel or pen to get a spiral effect
    Step 26
    To finish off the pumpkin, push the twisted wire theough the tied 160's at the top to make the stalk of the pumpkin
    Step 25
    Take a flora wire and a 5" Lime green and make the first part of a Fantasy Cala Lilly petal
    Step 26
    Extend the length of the stem of the petal by bining anothe piece of floral wire to it, then cover the wire with a 160 Lime Green, do not forget to bend the end of the the wire so it does not pirce the balloon. Pull the 160 right up over the binding so it sits just beneath the petal
    Step 27
    Wrap the stem around a dowel or pen, to get a spiral, and attach around the wrapped Maxi sticks, similar to a climbing ivy!
    Step 28
    Repeat steps 25 to 27 six more times and place down the length of the maxi sticks
    Step 29
    Repeat steps 23 and 24 using an orange 160
    Step 30
    Bend the wire into the rounded shape of a pumpkin, and twist lock the wire at the top
    Step 31
    Repeat steps 29 and 30 twice more
    Step 32
    Interlock the 3 rouned shapes ,so they give the look of a pumpkin skeleton, tie in at the bottom with a small piece of 160
    Step 33
    Hang the pumpkin on one of the spiralled leaves on the maxi stick
    Step 34
    Repeat steps 29 to 33, this time cut your wire to a shorter length ,so you can create a small pumpkin
    Step 35
    Take a smal length of wire and bend in half, to make a shape similar to a hairpin
    Step 36
    Hook the pin through the bottom of the 160's on the 11" apple twisted pumpkin, and push into the oasis at the bottom of the Maxi sticks
    Step 37
    Cover the mechanics with a piece of tulle
    Step 38
    Add some tulle to the top of the Purple Violet clusters to finish off


Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a simple but effect design for halloween great for table centre or delivery