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Sweetie Bug

This cute little ‘Bug’ was named the ‘Sweetie Bug’ as it is a fun design using one of the fantastic Premium Balloon Accessories the new Premium MultiBase Centrepiece Display System! Filled with the recipients favorite treats, it makes the perfect gift for many different occasions!


Equipment used:

Premium Mini or Maxi Heat Sealer

PBA Ingredients:


Additional Ingredients

  • 1 x Qualatex 5” Yellow
  • 1 x Qualatex 350Q Yellow
  • 1 x Qualatex 321Q Bee Body Yellow
  • 6 x Qualatex 160Q Black
  • 2 x Qualatex 9” Microfoil Hearts
  • Black Maker Pen
  • White Correction Pen


Designer: Sue Bowler
Company: Sue Bowler Professional Balloon Artist
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:


    Step 1

    Start by inflating and heat sealing the 2 x 9” Microfoil Hearts


    Step 2

    Tie these as a duplet

    Step 3
    To make the ‘bugs’ head, cut approx. 3” from the end of 2 of the 160Q balloons and tie these together, these are for the ‘bugs’ proboscis (on top of his head). To secure these you need to work out where you want them to attach to the balloon

    Step 4
    Pre-inflate the 5” and let the air out so that the balloon is stretched, now place the knot of the tied together 160Q’s where you want them to be and then put your fingers inside the 5” and grab the knot, now you need to secure the knot from inside the balloon, you need to be careful that you do not capture too much latex from the 5” Yellow when you do this as it will effect the size of the balloon when inflated again. Once secured careful re-inflate the 5” Yellow balloon and you will now have the proboscis secured and they should stand upright as in the picture.

    Step 5
    The ‘bugs’ body is made from 2 x tulip twists created from the 350Q Yellow balloon, you can use the same balloon to make 2, but you will need to secure a small length (scrap) of a 160Q to the knot end of the tulip twist before you make them so that you have something to attach them as you build the body


    Step 6
    So now you have the head and 2 tulip twists, these can be secured by tying them end to end


    Step 7
    Finally the ‘bugs’ tail end, is made from part inflating the 321Q balloon and then forcing the air into the tip, this can then be secured to the rest of the body


    Step 8
    The ‘legs’ are made from the remaining 160Q balloons that I have part inflated and created a small loop twist for the feet and then secured these in place with a small pinch twist on each side. Again these can be tied into duplets, be careful not to make them too long as they will be out of proportion with the rest of the design


    Step 10
    Now slide the ‘wings’ into position by taking them from the front of the body to the back and bring the legs from the back to the front and position as you would like them to sit within the design


    Step 11

    You may find that you will need to use a little adhesive to keep these in position, but only a tiny amount, try using the Premium MultiTape or Gel-Tabs as this works well!


    Step 12

    To complete the design, draw on a simple, but cute face, this is very important as this is the focal point


    Step 13
    Secure the ‘bug’ to the MultiBase again using one of the Gel-Tabs... but don’t forget to fill the MultiBase with the recipients favourite treat!








Tips and Additional Instructions

Filled with the recipients favorite treats, it makes the perfect gift for many different occasions!