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Birthday Princess

Simple and quick centerpiece for any Birthday Princess. Can be used with many different designs of balloons both male and female


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator

Additional Ingredients

  • 2 x 18 ” Qualatex Rachel Ellen Birthday Princess
  • 1 x 18” Qualatex Rachel Ellen Birthday girl
  • 4 x Pale Pink Poly tulle bows
  • 25 x  Pink Poly tulle/ and pink tulle picks
  • Small square of Oasis
  • Cakebase 9"( 23cm)
  • 9 x Pink Pipe cleaners
  • Length of Pink Poly Tulle 2"



Designer: Peggy Butland ad Barbara Biagioni
Company: Balloon Express
Country: Italy
Step by Step Instructions:

    Take the cakeboard and cover it with the Birthday Princess foil
    Step 2
    'Knife' pleat the 3"  Pink ribbon
    Step 3
    Glue the knife pleat to the back of the cake board
    Step 4
    Glue the small piece of oasis to one side of the board
    Step 5
    Using the Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator, inflate the 18 "
    Rachel Ellen Birthday Princess foil balloon
    Step 6
    Wrap the foil onto he Maxi cup ll
    Step 7
    Tie one of the Pink Poly tulle bows to the front of the foil, to hide the maxi cup ll
    Step 8
    Tie  a second
    Pink Poly tulle bows to the back of the foil again to hide the maxi cup II 
    Step 9
    Repeat steps 5 to 8 with the Birthday Girl foil balloon

    Step 10
    Insert one of the Maxi stick ll into the oasis

    Step 11
    Add the Birhday Girl foil to the top of the stick
    Step 12
    Cut about 4" of the other maxi stick ll and insert into the oasis
    Step 13
    Add the Birthday Princess to the maxi stick ll
    Step 14
    Pick all round the base of the sticks to hide the oasis
    Step 15
    Take The  pipe cleaners  and wrap each around a 160 hand pump to get curls
    Step 16
    Glue a couple of the curled pipe cleaners to the top bows
    Step 17
    Push the remaing pipe cleaners around the base of the sticks

Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a really simple and easy design, but is very effective as a centerpiece for an event that has a limited budget, but can also be dressed up for larger events.