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'Welcoming the Twins'

A very quick and easy design for the celebration of the arrival of a baby


Equipment used:

Premium Mini or Maxi Heat Sealer
Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator


Additional Ingredients

  • 1 x 9” Qualatex Rachel Ellen Baby Boy Stroller
  • 1 x 9” Qualatex Rachel Ellen Baby Girl Stroller
  • 1 x 11" Blush
  • 4 x 5" Qualatex Pearl Pale Blue
  • 4 x 5" Qualatex Pear Pink
  • 8 x 5" Qualatex Diamond Clear Polka Dots
  • length of Pink Satin ribbon narrow (approx. 5mm)
  • length of Blue Satin ribbon narrow (approx. 7mm)
  • length of Pale Blue Curling ribbon
  • 2 x Pale Pink tulle bows
  • 2 x Pale Blue tulle bows
  • 20 x tulle picks Pink
  • 5 x tulle picks Pale Blue
  • Small square of Oasis
  • clear base
  • 2 small Blush pom poms
  • small length f Black curling ribbon



Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator, inflate the 11" Blush to about 9" to 10", so it is a nice round shape, this is for the head

    Step 2
    Inflate the 9" Baby Boy Stroller
    Step 3
    Hold the neck of the balloon with your finger and thumb, ensuring that no air leaks from the foil. Place in the
    Heat Sealer making sure the neck of the balloon is flat. Heat seal the balloon. Please note: For best results, the Heat Sealer's setting should be between 3 and 4
    Step 4
    Repeat steps 2 and 3 inflating and sealing the 9"
    Baby Girl Stroller
    Step 5
    Wrap the
    Balloon Saddle® with the length of Pale Blue curling ribbon
    Step 6
    Wrap the foil Baby Girl Stroller onto the saddle stick
    Step 8
    Tie the Pink tulle bows onto the saddle stick, front and back, to hide the neck of the foil balloon
    Step 9

    Wrap the Baby Boy Stroller onto the other saddle stick
    Step 10
    Tie the Blue tulle bows onto the saddle stick, front and back, to hide the neck of the foil balloon
    Step 11
    Glue the small piece of oasis to the middle of the dish
    Step 12
    Wrap the maxi stick ll with the  Pale satin Blue Ribbon
    Step 13
    Wrap over the Blue ribbon with the Pink satin ribbon, to get a textured look
    Step 14
    Push the maxi stick ll into the middle of the oasis
    Step 15
    Cut the tulle into 3" squares, take two squares and pick them together (remember to fluff out the picks to get a great full look)
    Step 16
    You will need about 20 tulle picks in Pale Pink, and 5 in Pale blue
    Step 17
    Pick the Oasis until it is full
    Step 18
    Draw the simple face of the baby from the foil balloon onto the 11" blush with a Black Sharpie
    Step 19
    Wrap the 11" blush onto the MaxiCup ll™, and put onto the Maxi Stick ll
    Step 20
    Double stuff the 5" Pearl Pale Blue into the 5" Polka dot balloons
    Step 21
    Repeat Step 20 with the 5" Pearl Pink Balloons
    Step 22
    Using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator, inflate a 5" double stuffed Pearl pale Blue balloon and a double stuffed Pearl Pink balloon to 3.5" and tie into a duplet
    Step 23
    Repeat Step 22, and than twist both duplets to make a cluster
    Step 24
    Repeat Steps 22 to 23 but this time inflate to 2"
    Step 25
    Wrap the larger Cluster around the Maxi cup ll
    Step 26
    Wrap the smaller cluster below, thus hidding the cup ( it is easier if you tie the two clusters together using a neck from each cluster, and than wrap them onto the cup). Add some small squares of tulle in both pink and blue between the balloons in the cluster, to soften the look.
    Step 27
    Push the Baby Girl Stroller stick into the oasis at the side of the maxi stick ll
    Step 28
    Cut the saddle stick on the Baby Boy Stroller to about 2" and push into the other side of the maxi stick ll
    Step 29
    Finish of the baby face by adding two small blush pom poms as ears and a curl of black curling ribbon to th top of the head

Tips and Additional Instructions

A simple fun design, ideal for welcoming any new baby. The new Rachel Ellen balloons are delightful for this simple design