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Birthday Clown

Fun clown as a small gift or party favor


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator
Premium Mini or Maxi Heat Sealer

  • 1 x  Premium Bubblloon
  • 1 x  Premium Saddle Stick
  • 2 x Candy Box Tape adhesive


Additional Ingredients
  • 1 x Qualatex 13 " Red foil taper
  • 1 x Qualatex 5" Red
  • 1 x Qualatex 6" White hearts
  • 1 x Qualatex 160 Lime Green
  • 1 x Qualatexx 160 Robin Egg Blue
  • 2 x Qualatex 160 Rose
  • 1 x Qualatex 160 Winter Green
  • 1 x Qualatex 260 Rose
  • 1 x Qualatex 350 Goldenrod
  • 1 x 9" Birthday foil
  •  candy/ sweets and small toys
  • small bow
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue dotglue
Designer: John Preston and Peggy Butland
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the
    Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator Inflator, inflate the 13" Red foil taper
    Step 2
    Hold the neck of the balloon with your finger and thumb, ensuring that no air leaks from the taper. Place in the Heat Sealer making sure the neck of the balloon is flat. Heat seal the balloon. Please note: For best results, the Heat Sealer's setting should be between 3 and 4
    Step 3
    Fill the the 'Bubblloon' with some sweets candy and small toys.
    Step 4
    Feed the neck of the taper through the top of the 'Bubblloon' (while holding the candies and toys in place)
    Step 5
    Take the base of the 'Bubblloon' and pull the neck of the taper through the hole in the base
    Step 6

    Gently push the base into position
    Step 7
    Pull the neck of the taper, to make sure it is sittng on the top of the 'Bubblloon', and slide it up the slit of the base to secure
    Step 8
    Tuck the excess neck of the taper back into the hole in the base
    Step 9

    Inflate the 6" white heart to about 4.5", so it is soft, but still heart shaped, and knot
    Step 10

    Inflate your 5" red fully to stretch it, and cut of the bead
    Step 11
    Take one lobe of your inflated heart and twist it to make a small bubble, this next part needs another pair of hands!
    Step 12

    Take 5" red and walk you fingers down the neck and strech it over the small bubble on the heart, work the excess latex over the bubble, so it is held in place
    Step 13
    Tie the heart balloon to the top of the taper
    Step 14
    Using the
    MagicFlate®  inflate the 160 rose, to about 4", knot, and make a small 5 bubble string of pearls (to make the neck)
    Step 15
    Tie this 'string of pearl' around the knot of the
    head and taper
    Step 16
    Inflate the Robin Egg Blue 160,
    until there is a 3" tip (that is uninflated top of the balloon) and tie off
    Step 17

    Make a 5" bubble, a large pinch twist, (to make the hands) and then 5" bubble, and then a smaller pinch twist
    Step 18
    Place this around the neck under the collar. Twist the knot end of the 160 into the last smaller pinch twist
    Step 19
    Twist the smaller pich twist into the join between the 6" head and taper. Using Candy Box tape adhesives attach the hands to the front of the red taper

    Step 20
    Inflate a Rose 260, until there is a 3" tip,and then tie to the uninflate end of balloon, making sure you tie as near to the inflate end as possible, to make a circle
    Step 21
    With the knot at the top of the circle, twist
    the top and the bottom to make two even loops, the feet
    Step 22
    Push the knot of these two loops, between the taper and the bubblloon, making sure the taper sits between the two loops
    Step 23

    Repeat Step 14, making a small string of pearls, and tie around the loops and taper
    Step 24
    Inflate The Lime Green 160, leaving about 6" uninflated, and knot
    Step 25
    Loop the balloon about 3" from the knot, back and twist into the knot, then make a small pinch twist
    Step 26
    Make another loop of the same size, and twist back into the pinch twist, so making the 'bow tie'
    Step 24

    With the excess uninflated balloon twist the bow tie on to the neck, that is between the head and the taper
    Step 25
    Inflate the 9" birhday foil and heat seal
    Step 26

    Wrap the foil onto a saddle stick, add a bow to hide the mechanics
    Step 27
    Place the saddle stick into the pinch twist that is the 'hands' of the Clown
    Step 28

    Inflate the 160 Winter Green, to about 5" and tie off
    Step 29
    Make three small pinch twists, so they are flat and a round shape
    Step 30

    Make a fourth pinch twist to sit on top of the other three, knot and cut of excess balloon.This creates one curl of hair
    Step 31
    Repeate step 30
    Step 32

    Using a glue dot attach one of the 'curl of hair' to one side of the face, just above the nose
    Step 33
    Repeat step 32 and attach to the other side of the head

    Step 34
    Draw in the eyes and mouth
    Step 35
    Finish of the clown by adding a belt around the middle of the taper, use a uninflated  Golden Rod 350

Tips and Additional Instructions

This fun clown is ideal as a centerpiece for a party or suitable as a gift