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"Mothers Day Garland"

Great delivery for Mother's Day


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Duel Pro Inflator

Additional Ingredients
  •  1 x Anagram supershape Mothers Day Garland Balloon
  •  7 x 160 Qualatex Lime Green
  •  3 x 160 Qualatex White
  •  2 x Pink tulle for large bow
  • 25 x pink tulle picks
  •   1 x  piece of dry floral Oasis
  •   1 X 6" - 8" (15cm - 20cm) Basket


Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Cut the Oasis to fits snuggly into the basket
    Step 2
    Drop a Heavy Weights™  into the basket either side of the Oasis
    Step 3
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" on the Low Pressure Foil inflation (that is when the large foil adapter is taken off the nozzle holder and put onto nozzle for inflation) inflate the Mother's Day foil
    Step 4
    Twist the neck of the foil into the MaxiCup ll™ 
    Step 5
    Push the Maxi stick ll into th middle of the Oasis, and then add the balloon and cup to it
    Step 6
    Using the Pink tulle picks fill the top of the basket, to hide the mechanics
    Step 7
    Make a daisy using the White 160
    Step 8
    Push a saddle stick into an uninflate 160 Lime green, so the neck just stops below the saddle
    Step 9
    Push the saddle stick into the middle of the daisy
    Step 10
    Inflate the 5" pink to about 1", knot and wrap into the front of the daisy
    Step 11
    Repeat step 10 and tie in on the other side of the daisy, over the top of the saddle so it is hidden
    Step 12
    Repeat Step 7 to 11
    Step 13
    Push one of the daisy's to one side of the Maxi stick ll
    Step 14
    Repeat step 13, with the other daisy, push in it into the oasis so it is slightly shorter, and to the other side
    Step 15
    Make a third daisy, without the saddle stick, and only one Pink balloon and tie to the front of the basket
    Step 16
    Take a 160 Lime Green and cut in half,and then inflate fully( cut the balloon in half so the inflation is quicker), size the balloon to about 5" and tie off, then "pick" into the Oasis around the base of the daisies
    Step 17
    Repeat Step 16, four more times, ensuring  that each balloon is a little smaller in size than the first
    Step 18
    "Pick" each ot the 160 Lime Green around the base of the daisies, three around the tallest and the rest aroud the other daisy
    Step 19
    Make a large double bowtie bow using the pink tulle and tie around the top of the Maxi Cup ll
    Step 20
    Repeat step 19, and tie on the other side

Tips and Additional Instructions

Enure that you have attached the super shape to the Maxi Cup ll securly and straight so that the balloon sits well. There is a small amount of movment to add interest to the design.