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'Easter Bunny'

Simple fun Easter delivery


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator



PBA Ingredients:


Additional Ingredients

  • 10 x 5” Qualatex White latex balloons
  •  2 x 5" Qualatex Wild Berry
  •  2 x 5" Qualatex Friendly Eyes
  • 1 x 5" Qualatex Onyx Black
  • 1 x 160 Qualatex White
  • 2 x 260 Qualatex White
  • 4 x egg cutouts Amscan
  • Easter basket Amscan
  • Oasis square
  • 20 x tulle picks Lime Green
  • 5 x tulle picks Fushia
Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Cut the oasis in half, to fit  tightly into the Easter basket
    Step 2
    Add a Heavy Weight™  to either side of the Oasis
    Step 3
    Cut the tulle into 3" squares, take two squares and pick them together (remember to fluff out the picks to get a great full look)
    Step 3
    You will need about 20 tulle picks in Lime Green
    Step 4
    Push a Maxi stickll into the middle of the Oasis
    Step 5
    Pick the Oasis until it is full
    Step 6
    Using the Mini Cool Aire "Dual Pro TM" Inflator, inflate two 5" white balloons to 3.5" and tie into a duplet
    Step 7
    Repeat step 6, four more times, so you have 5 duplets
    Step 8
    inflate two 5" Wild Berry balloons to 4.25" and tie into a duplet
    Step 9
    Take two duplets and twist them together to form a four balloon cluster
    Step 10
    Take hold of the four balloon cluster and slide your hand in between the cluster so you have two balloons at the top and two balloons at the bottom
    Step 11
    This is were you are going to wrap the next duplet into the cluster, so you end up with three duplets in you cluster
    Step 12
    Again take hold of the balloons and divide them so you have three balloons at the top and three balloons at the bottom, then wrap in the fourth duplet. The reason for dividing the balloons each time is to make sure you get each duplet into the centre of the topiary ball. If they do not all go into the centre you will end up with an egg shaped ball instead of a round one
    Step 13
    Repeat this until you have used all six duplets, don’t forget to divide the balloons before you wrap the next one in. it is easier when making a topiary ball if you hold the topiary against yourself and pull the next duplet towards you, through the ball.
    Step 14
    Once you have used all six duplets, if you have gone into the middle of the topiary each time you should end up with a ball shape. You may have to move the balloon about a bit just to get them to sit. The way to tell if they are in the right position, is no matter which balloon you look at, you should see a daisy, that is one balloon in the middle and five balloons around it. Make sure you end up with the two Wild Berry balloons,sitting at the bottom of the daisy, next to each other
    Step 15
    Inflate two 5"  Friendly Eyes to 4" and tie into a duplet
    Step 16
    Inflate a 5" Black Onyx to 2", and tie into the duplet of Friendly Eyes, to make the nose
    Step 17
    Pop the middle White balloon above the Wild Berry balloons and tie in the cluster of Friendly eyes and black balloon,so creating the face
    Step 18
    Inflate a White 260, leaving about 2" uninflated and tie the ends together, shape the ear as you wish, then use glue dots on the lower half to hold the balloon together
    Step 19
    Repeat Step 18 with another White 260, and then tie the two ears together loosly, as a duplet
    Step 20
    Push the ear duplet into the top of the topiary and wrap around the top balloon, then place each ear in the position required, making sure each ear sits well in the topiary cluster
    Step 21
    Inflate the White 160, about 4",and tie off
    Step 22
    Make two small pinch twists, about 1", for the front teeth
    Step 23
    Then tie in under the black 5"( nose)
    Step 24
    To attach the topiary to the top of the 1 x Maxi stick ll simply open up two balloons in the topiary and slide it onto the top of the stick.
    Step 25
    Take an egg cutout and put 4 or 5  Stik-Ems™down the middle, place a Micro stick on the Stik-ems and then add another cut out on top of the first
    Step 26
    Repeat with the other Micro stick and 2 egg cut outs
    Step 27
    Place the egg cut outs to either side of the topiary, by pushing each one into the oasis
    Step 28
    Add a few Fuchia picks to the basket



Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a fun design ideal for a delivery of Buffet decoration