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'Jungle Fun'

Delightful decorations for a Jungle themed party, can also be used as a party bag or favor after the party. A simple quick and easy design.


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire® Pro

PBA Ingredients:
Additional Ingredients

  • 1 x 11” Qualatex Leopard print
  • 5 x   5” Qualatex Leopard Print
  • 4 x   5” Qualatex Onyx Black
  • 2 x   5" Qualatex White
  • 1 x 260 Qualatex Onyx Black
  • 2 x 1 large googly eyes
  •  sweets or caramels
Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Inflate the 11" leopard print, to 9" and make a small mark in the middle of the balloon (where the nose might be)
    Step 2
    Deflate the balloon and make a raisin twist on the mark of the 11" leopard print
    Step 3
    Re-inflate the balloon and tie a knot in it, at the same time tieing in a piece of 260 (this will be used to attach the balloon to the bubbloon)
    Step 4
    Fill your Bubblloon (with sweets, candies and small toys) and then feed the 260 which is attached to the neck of the balloon through the Bubblloon and through the base and secure in place as normal, cut of any excess 260 and tuck away
    Step 5
    Take a 5" leopard print and inflate to 2.5"
    Step 6
    Repeat step 5 and tie the two balloons together to make a duplet
    Step 7
    Repeat step 5 with another 5" leopard print balloon and tie into the duplet, so you have a 3 balloon cluster
    Step 8
    Inflate two 5" white to 2" and tie together to make a duplet
    Step 9
    Twist the white duplet,and the leopard print cluster together,so the two white sit next to each other
    Step 10
    Take the neck of one of the ballooons, from this five balloon cluster and tie into the raisin twist ,on the front of the 11" leopard print, making sure the cluster sits tight and firm against the 11". cut off any excess 260.
    Step 11
    Make a small 2" bubble with the black 260, and tie the ends together tightly 
    Step 12
    Tie the black bubble into the middle of the 5" cluster, and cut off the un-inflated 260
    Step 13
    Inflate a 5" leopard print to 3" and make an apple twist, making sure you push the air to one side of the apple twist, so creating the ear.Cut of any excess 160
    Step 14
    Repeat step 13, making sure both 'ears' are the same
    Step 15
    Using two Balloon Stik-ems, place on the bottom of an ear, stick in position
    Step 16
    Repeat with the other ear
    Step 17
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® Pro Inflator, inflate two Onyx Black 5" to 2" and tie into a duplet
    Step 18
    Repeat step 17 and twist both duplets into a cluster
    Step 19
    Twist the cluster into the bottom of the 11" leopaard print , to form a collar above the bubballoon, making sure that the balloons are sitting tight on the top of it
    Step 20
    Add a Goggly eye to each of the white 5" using a  Balloon Stik-ems

Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a really simple, quick but very effective design, just change the balloons, and you can have tigers and lions to make a real jungle party. Do not forget to Balloon shine to ensure the decorations looks its best for a long while. A great idea to use in the retail shop, as impulse buys.