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Mini Hot Air Balloon Name Place

A quick and easy 'Name place' for any birthday party.


Equipment used:

The Mini Cool Aire®

PBA Ingredients:


Additional Ingredients
  • 1 x Qualatex 5 " Diamond Clear Birthday print
  • 4 x Small Bowtie bows
  • 2 x Medium Bowtie bow
  • 1 x Large BowTie bow
  • 1 x small paper cup
  • good quality clear tape
  • Candy/ sweets and small toys


Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Take the paper cup, and one of the Micro sticks, and glue the stick onto the inside of the cup using a cool glue gun
    Step 2
    Repeat step 1 with the other 3 sticks, gluing them at equal distance apart, around the inside of the cup
    Step 3
    Using  The Mini Cool Aire  inflate the 5" Diamond Clear to a nice balloon shape, about 4.5" and knot
    Step 4
    Tie a medium sized Bow Tie Bow to the neck of the balloon to hide the knot
    Step 5
    Place the inflated 5" Diamond Clear so it sits between the Micro sticks, and place clear tape across each of the sticks and onto the balloon, each side of the stick
    Step 6
    Using a Balloon Stik-ems™ stick a small  Bowtie Bow over each join of the stick to the 5" balloon, so hiding any mechanics
    Step 7
    Stick the large Bow tie bow to the front of the cup
    Step 8
    Fill the cup with the candy/sweets and conceal with a bit of tulle or ribbon
    Step 9
    Finish of this fun Mini Hotair balloon with a name card across the bow


Tips and Additional Instructions

This design is so versitile, it can be used for Baby Showers,  Kids Birthdays, Communions and Weddings, just by changing the balloon and colours and textures of the ribbons