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Elegant Double Bubble Centerpiece

Fun Centerpiece that was created for a 'Ladies Night'. This air filled design ideal for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas, Weddings to Baby Shower.


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM

PBA Ingredients:

MaxiCup ll & MaxiStick ll
Balloon Stik-ems™

Additional Ingredients
  • 10  x 5” Qualatex Wild Berry
  •  8 x 5 Qualatex Onyx Black
  •  3 x 160 Qualatex Wild Berry
  •  2 x 160 Qualatex Onyx Black
  •  black card base
  •  4 squares of Cerise Pink Tulle 5" sq (13cm sq)
  •  Large CerisePink Tulle bow
  •  5 x floristry wire 18 gauge
  •  cool glue


Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Glue a Maxicup ll to the middle of the board
    Step 2
    Insert a Maxistick ll into the cup
    Step 3
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate two Wild berry 5" to 4" and tie into a duplet
    Step 4
    Repeat step 3 and twist both duplets into a cluster
    Step 5
    Place the cluster on the base with the Maxistick in the middle, twist two balloons around each other to hold in place
    Step 6
    Inflate two Onyx Black 5" to 3", and tie into a duplet
    Step 7
    Repeat Step 6 and twist both duplet into a cluster
    Step 8
    Place this cluster on the Wild Berry cluster with the Maxistick in the middle, twist two of these black balloons  around each other to hold in place, making sure the cluster sits correctly on the other cluster
    Step 9
    Take  a florist wire, and make a small loop at each end, so the point is tucked in
    Step 10
    Repeat this step with all 5 wires
    Step 11
    Take a 160 Wild Berry and insert one of the wires into the balloon, stretch the balloon and knot, so the wire is held in place, and cut of the excess balloon.
    Step 12
    Repeat this step with the other two160 Wild Berry balloon
    Step 13
    Using a  cylindrical object, such as a hand pump, wrap the the wired balloon around  the pump , to get smooth curves
    Step 14
    Take the  curled wire, (opposite to the knot end) and sit the first curl on one of the Onyx Black  5" in the top cluster

    Step 15
    Push the wired balloon so it sits down against the Maxistick, the other end of the curled wire should be opposite and sticking up. You can pull the curl open a bit if you do not seem to have much to work with.
    Step 16
    Repeat steps 13 to 15, placing the curled wire on the opposite black balloon to the first.
    Step 17
    Take another of the wires and insert into an Onyx black 160, stretch the balloon and tie a knot
    Step 18
    Than take a cylindrical object ( similar to a 160 hand pump) and wind the wired balloon around to create smaller curls
    Step 19
    Repeat step17 and 18
    Step 20
    Take one of the black wired balloons and put it into the middle of the top cluster, than using the excess balloon pull it through the black cluster then wrap it around two balloons in a figure eight in the bottom cluster to hold in place
    Step 21
    Inflate a 5" wild berry to about 1.5" and tuck into the first curl of the wired 160
    Step 22
    Repeat step 20 and 21 making sure one is slightly taller than the other
    Step 23
    Take the last wire and insert into a Wild Berry 160 balloon, stretch and knot, cut off excess
    Step 24
    Push the last Wild Berry wired balloon into the Maxistick II, so the knot is level with the end of the Maxistick II
    Step 25
    Make a raisin twist in the top of the Diamond Clear 11"
    Step 26
    Insert a 11" Onyx Black into the 11" Diamond Clear ( to make a double bubble)
    Step 27
    Inflate the 11" Diamond Clear 7"
    Step 28
    Than inflate the Onyx Black until the Diamond Clear is 11"
    Step 29
    Knot both balloons
    Step 30
    Wrap the inflated double bubble onto a Maxicup ll,and push the cup onto the stick (some times a small dab of cool glue is usefiul to secure the cup to the stick)
    Step 31
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate two Wild berry 5" to 3" and tie into a duplet
    Step 32
    Repeat step 31 and twist both duplets into a cluster
    Step 33
    Inflate two Onyx Black 5" to 2" and tie into a duplet
    Step 34
    Repeat Step 33 and twist both duplet into a cluster
    Step 35
    Twist the Wild Berry cluster around the Maxistick ll as high up as possible,so hiding the Maxicup ll
    Step 36
    Twist the Onyx Black cluster under the Wild  Berry cluster so the two clusters are close and sitting properly
    Step 37
    Tie the tulle bow to the top of the 11" Diamond Clear
    Step 38
    Push a square of tulle between each of the balloons, on the top Wild Berry cluster, just to make sure all mechanics are hidden.


Tips and Additional Instructions

Do not forget to use balloon shine to give the diamond clear double bubble a crystal finish. By just changng the colours of the balloons used, you have a completly different design.Very versitail air fille centerpiece