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'Daisy Duck Xmas'

A fun delivery or decoration for the Christmas Holiday season


Equipment used:

 The Mini Cool Aire® Pro


PBA Ingredients:

60 –gram Lite Heavy Weight
Balloon Stik-ems™

Additional Ingredients
  • 12  x 11” Qualatex Christmas printed latex balloons
  • 1 x 16" Qualatex Christmas printed latex balloon
  • 2 x 260 Qualatex Red
  • 4 x 260 Qualatex Golden rod
  • 1 x Qualatex 260 Robin's Egg Blue
  • 2 x Qualatex 260 white
  • 2 x Qualatex 5” White
  •  Large Red Tulle bow
Designer: Peggy Butland and John Preston
Company: The Great British Balloon Company
Country: UK
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1
    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate 2 x 11” Christmas printed latex balloons to 9", and tie into a duplet
    Step 2
    Repeat step 1, twist both duplets together to make a cluster
    Step 3
    Stretch the neck of an 11” Christmas balloon and push in a 60 –gram Lite Heavy Weight, (so getting the weight the same colour as your cluster). Tie the neck of the balloon covering the weight, to the neck of the balloons in the 9" cluster that you have made, as if it was a duplet.

    Step 4

    Repeat steps 1 and 2, but  size the balloons to 8"
    Step 5

    Tie the two clusters together, using a neck from each cluster
    Step 6

    Repeat steps 1 and 2, but size the balloons to 6"
    Step 7
    Tie the cluster to the top of the other clusters, using a neck from each cluster
    Step 8

    Take the 16" Christmas printed latex balloon and make a raisin twist into to the top of the balloon
    Step 9

    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM", inflate the 16" Christmas balloon to 14"( to give a nice rounded shape for the body) and tie a knot.
    Step 10

    Using the excess 260 on the raisin twist, tie the 16" balloon into the top of the column, making sure that it is sitting tight on top of the column.
    Step 11

    Using the Twist-N-Flate inflate a white 260, leaving about 5" at the tip.
    Step 12

    From the knot end, make a loop twist, about 4" in length, and twist off
    Step 13
    Repeat the loop twist twice more, so you finish up with 3 loop twists the same, tie off
    Step 14

    Tie the loop twsts on to the top of the 16" balloon
    Step 15

    Take a red 260 and inflate, but leave about 5" from the end (creating the arm)
    Step 16
    At the knot end make 3 pinch twists the same (wrist)
    Step 17
    Leave about 6" and make another pinch twist (the elbow)
    Step 18
    Inflate a 5" white latex balloon to 3", knot and then wrap the knot around the three pinch twists (hand)
    Step 19

    Repeat steps 15 to 18 to create the other arm, and tie the two together with the excess 260's
    Step 2
    Inflate a 260 white, leave about 5" at the end.
    Step 21
    From the knot end measure about 6", and twist, then fold the 260 back along itself and twist the balloon around the knot. You now have a loop.
    Step 22

    Repeat step 21, so creating two loops, pass half the loop through the first loop,making sure they sit evenly, (where they have been twisted) to form the head. tie off the 260. You should have a small amount of air left in the balloon,this will be used later to create the neck and attach the head to the body.
    Step 23
    Inflate the Robin's Egg Blue 260, leaving about 9",and tie off
    Step 24
    Take the knot end of the Robin's Egg Blue balloon, and twist it into the knot end of the white 260 loops.
    Step 25

    Take the Robin's Egg blue balloon up the head between two of the white loops, just before the white loops twists, twist the Robin's Egg Blue balloon, and pass it behind one of the white loops, to come down the other side.
    Step 26

    Take the Robin's Egg blue balloon, down to where you started and twist into the knot. Get rid of excess air and tie off.
    Step 27

    Manipulate the two Robin's Egg Blue loops, so they sit well in the white loops, that is one white loop between the two blue and three white loops at the back
    Step 28
    Inflate a 260 Golden Rod, leaving about 5" at the end, and knot
    Step 29

    From the knot end make a small loop twist ( a loop twst is just a large pinch twist) about 3"and twist.
    Step 30

    Make another loop twist on the other side of the knot.
    Step 31
    Inflate another 260 Golden Rod, leaving about 5" and knot.
    Step 32

    From the knot end, twist the knot into the knot of the two loops
    Step 33
    Make a loop twist, approximately twice the size of the previous loops, make sure this loop is twisted well and is placed between the other two loops
    Step 34
    With the rest of the 260 make a smaller loop below the larger loop ( creating the beak). Get rid of any excess air in the 260 and tie off.
    Step 35

    Manipulate the top big loop to bend up slightly
    Step 36
    Attach, the beak to the bottom of the head, by twisting it into the bottom of the head.

    Step 37

    Now on the head, with the extra inflated white 260, make three small pinch twists so that the beak is securely placed.
    Leave about 1.5" of balloon, twist and tie off, this creates the neck .If you do not have enough balloon to do these two steps then add in another partially inflated 260 white.
    Step 39

    Tie the neck into the top three loops on the 16" balloon
    Step 40
    Take the red arms and twist them under the three loops on the body, making sure they sit correctly.
    Step 41
    Inflate another 260 Golden Rod, leaving about 5" and knot.
    Step 42
    From the knot end, twist three small pinch twists.( this is were the legs will be attached to the body)
    Step 43

    Then leaving about 13" of inflated balloons, twist and make a small pinch twist
    Make a loop, to make the foot. Twist into the pinch twist,than make a smaller loop within the first loop and twist into the pinch twist.
    Repeat steps 41 to 44 creating the other leg and foot
    Step 46
    Using  Balloon Stik-ems™  attach the legs to the body. Put the Stik-ems onto the pinch twist so they sit flat.

    Take the red tulle bow and wrap into the top of the head.

Tips and Additional Instructions

Fun design for any occasion, just by changing the print of the balloon. Ideal as decoration or as a delivery.