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"Love Mug Treat"

A great gift to send to a loved one at the home or office for Valentines, or just because!


Equipment used:

Mini Cool Aire Dual Pro Inflator
Premium Mini or Maxi Heat Sealer

PBA Ingredients:
  • 1 x  Premium Mini Base
  • 1 x  Premium Candy Box Tape
  • 1 x  Premium 12" Clear Twistix Balloon Stick
  • 1 x  Premium Mini Micro II Cup


Additional Ingredients
  • 2 x Foil Chenille Stems
  • 9 x Small pieces of foil paper
  • 1 x Red Holographic Ribbon
  • 1 x 9" Foil I Love You Balloon
  • 1 x10 oz tapered coordinating Daisy Love Mug
  • 1 x Bag of Candy
Designer: Peggy Williams
Company: ABC Balloon Designs
Country: USA
Step by Step Instructions:

    Step 1

    Using the Mini Cool Aire® "Dual ProTM" Inflator, inflate the 9" foil balloon until full.

    Step 2

    Pinch off the balloon stem with your finger and thumb to hold all the air into the 9" foil balloon. Place in the Heat Sealer making sure the stem of the balloon is flat. Heat seal the balloon. Please note: For best results, the Heat Sealer's setting should be between 3 and 4

    Step 3

    insert the balloon stem into the slit of the Mini Micro II Cup and wrap the stem of the balloon around the cup.

    Step 4

    Enhance the balloon by gluing tiny puffs of foil paper around the balloon cup.

    Step 5

    Make a small bow using the holographic ribbon and glue into the paper.

    Step 6

    Insert the red Chenille Stems into the balloon stick.

    Step 7

    Insert the balloon stick into the Mini Micro II Cup. Please note how secure the stem is in the cup.

    Step 8

    Place the Candy Box Tape on the end of the Mini Base.

Tips and Additional Instructions

This is a great delivery design,that can be suited to any special day,just by changing the foil balloon and cup; any thing from Fathers Day through to a Baby Shower gift.